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To start your application process, download the application form by clicking on one of the following links –
Application form for delegates (ministers and MEPs)
Application form for lobbyists
Application for a journalist

Note to applicants:

1. apply only IF you are a resident traveling from: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania. Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom.

2. Students who are part of the ERASMUS+ exchange programme from September are not eligible to apply for the conference (double financing issue).

3. if you are a resident of any other country, contact us at meuz.application(at)

If your top pick is the role of either a lobbyist or a journalist and the second option is to be the delegate (minister or the MEP), you should only submit the application form for the role of a journalist or a lobbyist.

If your first pick is to be the delegate, and your second option is the role of a journalist or a lobbyist, you should submit both forms in the same e-mail.

After you successfully downloaded and opened one of the MEUZ 2016 application forms, you can start importing your basic information*.

Three application forms are slightly different based on the role you pick.

Please state your full name and surname.  Also, please note that the Country of Residence refers to your current permanent residence.


Next step is to choose your ROLE OF PREFERENCE.

Please note that you can not apply for a specific position such as Minister of Germany or member of S&D group in the European Parliament, but only to a role in general.

If you have doubts to which role to apply, please consult with the following link.


If you have doubts about what each participation fee includes, please check the participation fee and travel costs.

Next step in your application process is writing a short motivational letter. Tip: the motivational letter should both state your motivation to participate at MEUZ 2016 conference, as well as why should you be selected for the specific role(s) you applied.


Final part of the application form is a short essay on one of the proposed topics. Please note that no previous research is needed to write the essay and the essay should be reflecting your opinion on the selected topic. Also, please state which topic you’ve selected to write on.

To finish your application process, please send the completed application form together with your CV** on entitled ”SURNAME, Name – MEUZ 2016 application” until 18 August (23:59).

IMPORTANT – if you are applying for the Journalist role, please also attach, if you have, some of your previous work (for example: newspaper article, photography, video, layout design etc.)

Best of luck!!!

* we will keep and protect your data according to the Croatian Act on Personal Data Protection (official Gazette no. 103/03, 118/06, 41/08) and the Data Protection Framework of the European Union. Your data will be used solely for the purpose of organising and participating on MEUZ 2015 Conference, and will not be, by any means, used for the marketing purpose.

** we strongly encourage you to use the Europass CV. Your can download it here.