MEUZ 2016 – First Croatian Parliament edition

MEUZ 2016 was for the first time held in the official building of the Croatian Parliament and City Assembly of Zagreb from 2nd to 7th October. This was also the second edition of the Erasmus+ conference with structured dialogues and the project had 22 partnering associations from 20 countries. In 2016, we have successfully implemented the working group concept inside the simulation where the participants had a chance to draft their own proposals.

The topics of 2015 conference were: Directive on reduction of GHG emissions and European Border and Coast Guard Regulation.

MEUZ 2016 has received a patronage of the European Parliament and the Office of the Croatian President. Other supporters also included European Affairs Committee of the Croatian Parliament, City Assembly of the City of Zagreb and the organizing team has cooperated and received support from six ministries of Croatia, Hanns Seidel Foundation, European Parliament Information Office, EU Delegation, Faculty of Political Science (UNI ZG) and many more.

The organizing team was led with Director General Tomislav Leko and Deputy Director General Dijana Čavlović.

Number of participants:

57 MEPs

28 Ministers

6 Lobbyists

6 Journalists

6 Chairpersons

Total: 104

Participant materials are available here.


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